Custom hair coloring starts at $50 for 2 bundles. Each additional bundle after that is $25. 


Lace Closures are $25

Lace Frontals are $50


Color prices may vary depending on if its a double process. (Ex: You want your dark bundles to be Royal Blue...that would be a double process: 1st of bleaching the bundles to get them as blonde as possible. 2nd would be now depositing the actual color blue to get them blue. Thats a double process there for it would be double the price!)


Please DO NOT add this service to your wig order until you have SPOKEN to me and sent me a piture of the color you are trying to achieve. I will then tell you what process is needed and how much it will be and THEN you can add it to your cart. 

Custom Color

What Is Getting Colored?