Your wig unit is only as accurate as the measurements you take! Make sure the measuring tape is flat to your scalp when taking measurements! (No braids, sew ins, or wigs on while taking your measurements)



1. The circumference of your hairline 

2. Temple to Temple around occipital bone (round part of head)

3. From hairline (front) to nape (back) of neck.

4. From ear to ear across the nape of the neck. 

**5. Hairline from side burn/ edges to side burn/ edges across forehead. **(Required for frontals) 


***If you have booked a FREE Wig Consultation with me and I have recorded your measurments already, then there is no need for you to measure yourself***


Right now the current wait time as of 2/23/18 is 4-6 weeks. If you need your wig sooner than that, please pay the "Skip The Line" fee to have your wig produced sooner.

Type of Wig

Wig Parting
Straight or Curved Parting